$20,000 Scholarships for Children or Grandchildren of SAE Detroit Section Members

Application Deadline: April 30

Established in 2001, this scholarship is to encourage children or grandchildren of active SAE Detroit Section members to pursue careers in engineering or science. SAE anticipates a need for more student candidates in these fields as a shortage of qualified graduates is expected.

Student Eligibility Requirements
•     U.S. Citizen
•     Child or grandchild of an active* SAE Detroit Section member (*paid membership at time of application)
•     High School graduating student
•     3.0 or better grade point average on a 4.0 scale  (required)
Financial need is considered
•     Enroll full-time in a two- or four-year engineering or science program at an ABET accredited college or university

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Application Process
•     Create a user ID which provides the ability to complete the online application in steps
•     Complete each section of the online application
•     Upload files such as an official copy of your high school transcript
•     Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Form and submit ONLY the official FAFSA output Cover Page with the Student Aid Index (SAI) number
•    At least one letter of recommendation from an adult non-family member (teacher, coach, pastor, etc.)

Selection and Announcement of Recipients
•     Two recipients will be selected by the SAE Detroit Section Scholarship Application Review Committee and notified by the end of June

Payment of Scholarship Funds
•     $20,000 will be deposited into school account by August
•     Funds may be used for tuition or any other incidental school expenses

(248) 324-4445 ext. 3.

Scholarship Winners

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