K-12/A World In Motion (AWIM)

Math & Science K-12
The K-12 Math and Science Committee was formed to encourage, promote and support increased enrollment of young people in educational programs that broaden the appeal of engineering, primarily including the delivery and support of SAE’s A World In Motion (AWIM) program. The target groups are K-12 grade levels in public or private school systems. The K-12 Math and Science Committee meets once a month.

A World In Motion® (AWIM)
A World In Motion brings math and science principles to life. Our programs are exciting and interface and make learning fun. Laws of physics, motion, flight and electronics are learned and then demonstrated as students build cars, skimmers, and gliders and conduct experiments with electricity and electronics. Students, teachers and volunteer engineers and scientists work together to make math and science an interactive adventure and to bring real-world experiences into the classroom.

Learning goes beyond traditional textbook teaching through A World In Motion’s New K-3 Literacy-Based Program!

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