Micro-Electric Vehicle Competition

The first objective of the competition is to design and build a dry cell powered vehicle (battery supplied) to race up a fixed incline while pulling a six ounce weighted trailer (supplied). The second objective is to be the first to pass the finish line with the trailer in tow. In addition, a four-minute presentation and a one-page, typewritten report about the vehicle is optional.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are a central focus of SAE Detroit Section’s K-12 programs. This event is a STEM project that provides an opportunity for students to build a mini-vehicle and compete with other schools for cash prizes.

Preparing for this competition can be an after-school activity or part of a classroom curriculum. Teachers are encouraged to challenge their students’ problem-solving skills and set their sights on future transportation and career opportunities while developing their physics, math, and engineering skills.


OVERALL (winning schools)
First Place – $1,000
Second Place – $750
Third Place – $500

DESIGN (top three teams)
First Place – $100
Second Place – $75
Third Place – $50

PERFORMANCE (top three teams in each class)
Capacitor and Non-Capacitor Class
First Place – $100
Second Place – $75
Third Place – $50

This award is for schools who have never participated. The school with the highest number of points in the performance or design category will win this award.

2018 Micro-Electric Vehicle Competition Winners

For more information, contact Roxanne Loeffler at roxanne.loeffler@sae-detroit.org or (248) 324-4445 ext. 3.

Hosted by Yazaki North America, Inc.
Sponsored by Yazaki North America, Inc., Dana Incorporated, DENSO, LINK Engineering