Ensuring Safety and Empowering Stakeholders: Why Automated Vehicle Education Matters
Tuesday, September 28
12:00 - 1:00 p.m. ET
(Complimentary Virtual Event)

Join members of the Partners for Automated Vehicle Education (PAVE) team in a discussion about why public education is essential to fully realize the potential of AV technologies. PAVE launched in 2019 with an important mission to inform the public about automated vehicles and their potential so everyone can fully participate in shaping the future of transportation. PAVE unites its diverse membership — including traditional vehicle manufacturers, AV startups, advocacy organizations, and more to demystify AV technologies and build public understanding.

Tabitha Colter, Director of Operations, PAVE

Tara Andringa, Executive Director, PAVE
Ed Niedermeyer, Communications Director, PAVE

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