Mobility Talks: Internet, Digital Inclusion, and Mobility
Wednesday, January 13

3:00 – 4:00 p.m. ET

(Complimentary Virtual Event)

This is a joint event with the Michigan Mobility Institute. Mobility technologies are a large contributor to the growing need for internet to be offered as a utility in our communities as opposed to an optional luxury. This Mobility Talks discussion will discuss the intersection of mobility and tech, the way transportation interacts with internet networks for operation, and some of the unique strides that are being taken in the City of Detroit to provide connectivity for residents.

Dexter Sullivan, Program Manager, Michigan Mobility Institute

Joshua Edmonds, Director of Digital Inclusion, City of Detroit

Fabian Koark, CEO and Managing Consultant, INVESITY Inc.

Kevin Mull, Connected Mobility Services, Bosch North America, LLC

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