Taking the ‘Alchemy’ Out of Metal Casting and Heat Treatment Processes
Thursday, November 12
11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. ET
(Complimentary virtual event)

Have you ever talked to a metallurgist or materials engineer, hoping for straightforward answers to questions, only to end the conversation more confused than when it started? If so, Rick Puchalski, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Applied Process Inc. and Steve Metz, Vice President of Business Development, Applied Process Inc. will be providing a presentation for designers and metallurgists alike to answer metal cast and heat treatment process questions.

By nature and complexity, metal casting and heat treatment processes can be difficult to master when in reality these topics are quite easy to master with the right guidance. This discussion will provide the basics of both heat treatment and casting processes, focusing on the proven advantages of the austempering (salt quench) process and converting of fabrications/weldments to iron castings. Applied Process is a ferrous metal heat treater specializing in the austempering (molten salt quench) process. Not ‘just’ a commercial heat treater, they are problem solvers who help customers improve their products through innovative solutions. Their technical teams can help assist in the journey of improving performance and reducing weight, and total cost of parts.

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